adieu adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow
March 20
4:48 p.m.
�����After an almost three year relationship with dear old Diaryland, it's time to announce that I've moved. From now on, my bloggings and other stuff will all be found at:

�����So please change your links and all that jazz.

�����I've owned the site for over a year now, but for the first year, I had a really crappy host provider that was unreliable and unsupportive. In December when the domain was up for renewal, I jumped ship to a new host company and haven't had a problem since. (If you're looking for reasonably priced web hosting with excellent customer service, I highly recommed Dreamhost.)

�����I wasn't going to announce the site quite yet because I'm still fiddling with different looks for the design and adding content, but last week decided that it didn't matter too much. So I'm bidding farewell to Diaryland. This site will remain in existance at least until I can save all the entries I've put here (a tedious but necessary task), but it probably won't be updated anymore.

�����So, there's not a whole lot at the new site yet (except lots of blog posts and a pretty good gallery of photos from the past year or so), but more is coming, I promise.